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Stage 3: Linear X Rail

The purpose of this stage is to add a linear rail on the X axis. We’ll basically be trading the weight from the original steel printhead carriage and its wheels for an MGN9 rail of similar weight (on the plus side, in the Hybrid CoreXY configuration the weight will now be shared between the two stepper motors). Thus, the benefits of this stage aren’t as much weight removal as the ability to use a modern printhead such as the Ratrig EVA or the Vz Printhead, plus complete liberation from those frustrating v-slot wheels.

# Stage 3: Linear X Rail

Bill Of Materials

Linear Rails

Size Length Quantity Link
MGN9H Rail+Block 350mm 1 Amazon, Fabreeko


Part Type Quantity Link
M3x8 socket head ISO 4762, DIN 912 8 Amazon


Size Quantity Link
M3 2020 T-nuts 8 Amazon

Vz Printhead

Usable Print Area: 220 x 200 (20mm reduction on Y axis)

The Vz Printhead is an impressively simple printhead used on the blazing fast VzBot printer. It has all the features you’d expect from a modern printhead including many popular hotends, extruders, and Z probes (BLTouch and SuperPINDA). It also as well as some less-common features like adjustable-height fan ducts and CPAP cooling.

The only drawback with this printhead is that you may not already have the 30mm standoffs on hand to complete the build (< $10 with shipping).

The official design only required three parts to be modified in order to work on the Endorphin. So start by downloading the official STLs from here and you can find the BOM here. Then before you start printing parts, check the table below and substitute any of the original parts listed below with the Endorphin part:

Original Part Endorphin Part
Back plate round standoff.stl vz-back_plate.stl
Bottom plate round standoff.stl vz-bottom_plate.stl
Front round standoff.stl vz-front.stl

Make sure you print the MGN9H version of the carriage top (assuming you bought your rails from the links above) rather than the MGN9C version.

## Vz Printhead

Belt Clips

Either of the following belt clips provided with the printhead will work fine so pick whichever one you prefer. The original Vz printhead has been modified so that the posts sit at the right height for the Endorphin belts. Just remember that you only need to print off clips for 2 belt ends rather than the 4 needed in a CoreXY, which means you can choose whether you want to attach the belt ends on the front or rear posts (just don’t do one front and one rear). The other side will be unused.

Belt Clip Style 1

This clip is incredibly simple to print and the gripping mechanism is equally simple: By circling the belt around the standoffs, teeth inward, the belt grips itself by interlacing its own teeth like a zipper. This is probably the best choice in terms of printability and simplicity.

#### Belt Clip Style 1

Belt Clip Style 2

This is a two-part clip that has more intricate details to print, so make sure to use a small enough nozzle and/or thin layers. While also a clever design, it does look like the wings on the outer clip housing run the risk of spreading under enough tension and allowing the belt to slip.

#### Belt Clip Style 2


Usable Print Area: 220 x 190 (30mm reduction on Y axis)

The EVA printhead is the standard Ratrig printhead. It has a large number of official addons including fan ducts, hotends, and extruders as well as even more parts created by the community. The main downside of this printhead is that its size causes about 10mm more lost print space on the Y axis than the Vz.

The official EVA v3 design only required three parts to be modified in order to work on the Endorphin, so you can start by reading up on the official CoreXY printhead and downloading most of the parts from this page. Just substitute the following parts for the Endorphin versions in this table:

Original Part Endorphin Part
back_core_xy_fi.stl eva-back_endorphin.stl
core_xy_belt_grabber.stl eva-endorphin_belt_grabber.stl
top_endstop_mgn12c_fi eva-eva-mgn9h.stl

You also don’t need to print face_belt_grabber.stl because the Endorphin doesn’t have a belt that attaches to the front of the EVA in the same way that a CoreXY does.

After you’ve printed the core printhead, you can choose the fan duct, hotend, and extruder that suits you. If you don’t see your preferred parts on the official site, make sure to check sites like printables for what you need.

Credit for eva-mgn9h.stl goes to @andbou_260448

## EVA

Belt Assembly

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